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MilitaryRP Rules

General Rules
1.   Do not hack.
2.   Do not disrespect fellow players.
3.   Do not pretend to be staff.
4.   Do not abuse bugs or exploits.
5.   Do not mic spam/ chat spam.
6.   Do not vote to demote if staff are online.
7.   No racial slurs of any kind.
8.   Do not harass fellow players.
9.   Do not Troll.
10. Do not put links in OOC or advertise other servers.
11.  English language only.
12.  Blackmail of any kind is a not aloud.
13.  Do not disclose any personal information about another player or staff.
14.  Staff members have the final say in any sit.
15.  Do not interfere with a staff sit for any reason.
16.  If you leave a admin sit the punishment will be more sever.

War Rules
1.  You may only leave your base when war status is active.
2.  When it is peace status you must stay/return to your base.
3.  Do not kill enemy players during peace status.

Roleplay Rules
1.  Do not RDM teammates.
2.  You cannot cross team.
3.  Do not steal a vehicle that doesn’t belong to you.
4.  You may not enter the other teams base unless a general orders the assault.
5.  You have to listen to your superiors.
6.  You must not go “rogue” .
US Rules
1.  Follow the chain of command.
2.  Do not disrespect superiors. 
Taliban Rules
1.   Follow the chain of command.
2.  Do not disrespect superiors.

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