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Staff Application (Mod)

Is this your second application? If so, who referred you to reapply?
What is your in-game name?
What is your SteamID?
How long have you been VIP?
Coming up on two weeks, so i'd say about a week and a half
About how long have you been with Eclipse as a community member?
A few months, started playing again about a month ago. Total play time is 3 days and almost 20 hours.
What timezone are you in?
How often do you play? What time(s) do you normally play?
I play as much as i can but once sports start up i cant be playing 24-7. I'd say about 1-2 hours each day unless i'm busy.
How old are you?
12, 13 in a few months ( Yeah I know big oof)
Have you ever received any form of punishment? (This includes jails, bans, warns, kicks, etc.)
I currently have 6 warns, 1 active, and 1 kick.
Do you have Teamspeak and a working microphone? If so, are you active on EG's teamspeak?
Yes I am.
Are you familiarized with the MOTD and general rules of EG's servers? If so, about how strong is your understanding of these rules?
I'm pretty familiar with the rules of this server, yeah here and there i'll mess up but I have an overall understanding of the MOTD.
Are you good with people? How are your conversational skills?
I'm good with people, sometimes I tend to stutter a little but thats about it.
Some common admin-related or general acronyms are RDM, RDA, NLR, LTAP, OOC, DDoS. Define what these acronyms stand for and what they mean.
RDM: Random Deathmatch RDA: Random Arrest NLR: New Life Rule LTAP: Leaving To Avoid Punishment DDoS: Distributed Denial Of Service.
What makes you play on EG over any other server?
This might sound a little weird but I like to think of the EG members as family but in a way reallly good friends, I've built relationships on this server that I thought I would never have. I LOVE hanging out with the staff members (Kush, COCO, Phil, MJ, Saratoy, Johnathan, Tony, Adam, Skull, and Water) Anyways, this server also has a lot more interactions than most servers, because if you go on another server you dont get that same connection as you do on EG.
What is your motivation to become an EG staff member? Why do you want to be an EG staff member?
I really cherish the thought of helping people, I hope that i get to help someone out and find out that it made their day. I also want to become an EG staff member so i could be closer to all of my friends that are currently staff members.
What do you hope to accomplish in the long run as an EG staff member?
I hope to be a really good and respectful staff member, and also be along for the ride of what Eclipse Rp will become one day.
What makes you unique or better than any other applicant? What do you have to offer the EG community? Why do you think you deserve to be an EG staff member?
I wouldn't say i'm better than anyone because "all staff members are equal" tehe. I will help anyone when they need it as much as I can. I think I deserve to be an Eclipse Staff Member because I feel that I have the skillset and what it takes for this challenge.
What do you think it means to be an EG staff member? I think it means to be kind, respectful, willing to help anyone, serious (when needed), and be able to have a fun time while making EG the best it can be.
How do you think you can benefit the community?
I think I can benefit the community by helping players, being a good listener, and having a good attitude no matter what.
Do you have any prior experience being an admin or staff member?
Yes on Minecraft (HAHAHAHA you get it? because im 12 xD) *Sorry*
Additional Information (Optional): Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this, I have no clue why the text is grey, but thanks guys!

-1  Well first you killed me in spawn while I was loading in and that was rdm but looks like a good app just gonna stay with a -1 for now..

-REP not ready for staff.
The "LTAP" was because I went to go make some garlic toast                                                        
               -Reckless Rick

(12-07-2017, 01:30 AM)RedSnake Wrote: -1  Well first you killed me in spawn while I was loading in and that was rdm but looks like a good app just gonna stay with a -1 for now..

I did it for a present xD

(12-07-2017, 01:30 AM)RedSnake Wrote: -1  Well first you killed me in spawn while I was loading in and that was rdm but looks like a good app just gonna stay with a -1 for now..

I did it for a present xD

(12-07-2017, 02:02 AM)mustobeyphil Wrote: -REP not ready for staff.

I see u brah

-1 whos u ?
[Image: KJy7HOD.gif]


-1 I don't think you are mature enough
Staff Members are incredibly "shy" creatures so remember to treat them with care and respect.

-1 not staff material  Smile

-1. about a month ago I thought maybe, but recently you've been surronding yourself with people that are not good examples, and I've seen you break many rules recently/
[Image: lana_danger_zone_archer.gif]

Sorry, OptTicStarHunter.
Your application was denied.

As a general consensus between the Head Admin team, we believe that you are not ready for a staff position.
We thank you for your dedication, and would also like to remind you that players are just as important to the community, if not more so, than staff members. The community would not be what it is without staff, but would not exist with its player population.

Please do not apply again unless directed so by a Admin or higher.

Recently warned/ Not staff material/ Lack of detail 

If you have any questions or comments, please reply to this post.

Best regards,
Eclipse Staff Team
~ Soy

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