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NEW (Fix for Lua panic error)

Heapsize makes no difference! I have contacted face punch studios and was told that it is a broken add-on causing this error. Since Gmod is an old 32 bit game it will ALWAYS use only 3 GB of RAM.

 So, if you are getting the error, uninstall all your add-ons then close and re open Gmod, then join eclipse again.

If that doesn't work try joining a random small darkrp server that does not have a lot of add-ons and once you connect leave and join eclipse 

 If this doesn't work uninstall and reinstall and repeat these steps. 

Please add me on steam and message me if none of this works.


This error rarely occurs on a community which doesn't have a second server, the only fix for this is too join the second server till all of your information is logged aka sending client info is completed, and then join back - this error is caused by a confusion in receiving client info which causes GMOD to stress and eventually time you out with the default message of not enough memory.

Grim, its a corrupted file nothing to do with having 2 servers

The file isn't 'corrupted' else it would pose a string of errors in the console, however you are on the right path - the error does lie within an Haddon; but like I previously mentioned the issue is the server fails to pull and save information on the database for that one addon which causes the server to time out. However this doesn't really matter because for people suffering with the issue, please refer to my previous post for the fix.

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