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New MOTD Rules

The MOTD is not able to be constantly be updated and it seems that a lot of players & staff even are confused on what rules have been implemented. So this post will cover some of the new(ish) rules that have been added/questioned.

1. Government Officials are REQUIRED to give a verbal/text warning before AOS/KOS'ing anyone for Weapons or Raiding tools out in public
2. Hobo's are ALLOWED to have weapons for their own protection. 
3. Hobo's can't have any vehicle spawned in besides the Tricycle.
4. Under NO circumstances can anyone trade in-game cash for Paypal Money/CS:GO or other in-game items besides Eclipse payable items (CC's/CC extras/etc.)
5. NLR is invalid once the raider has called raid over. (After the RP situation is Done)
6. NLR does NOT apply to hits, no matter if it's a Public/Private Area
7. Mechanics ARE allowed to make "Quick stops/Repair stops" on the side parking area next to the strip mall.
8. Explosives are NOT allowed to be used on an elevator due to it automatically closing the elevator doors and making it impossible to Raid when spammed.
9. NO mugging inside of the Casino no matter the circumstances. 
10. Hitmen/Assassin's are NOT allowed to take "Protection" Ransoms/Requests.
11. Absolutely no "KOS if I choose/Chosen" Textscreens for Dealer Bases/Shops. (Leads to RDM for no reason)
12. It's Fail RP to drive a carjacked/stolen vehicle into the lake (or any water). If this happens accidentally, call an Admin for their assistance to retrieve it, or you are subject to the warn.
13. Disclosing any personal information of another Player/Staff is NOT allowed. 
14. Star material (Warp Sheet) is NOT allowed on the server due to being OP and unfair to raiders/other players in RP situations.
15. "KOS Signs for weapons out" are REQUIRED to be at the front of the property/base and MUST be 100% visible to players.
16. Swat are only allowed to enforce Laws if they were visibly broken (If you see it, enforce it. If not, then nothing can be done)
17. Government Officials must NOT be in a party with thieves. You must in a party with your class type (ex. Police officers with Police Officers, and thieves with thieves.  
*Note: This post will be updated frequently with rule implementations so please check back in order to keep from causing any issues for yourself or staff.
18.Do not damage players and/or entities through props and building exploits in any way."
19. You are NOT Allowed to drive up and down the main street of the city consistently.

You should make it so hobos can own peel's
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Some good clarifications, good post


New Rule Added.
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