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More interactive money making jobs

I think we should have more interactive jobs on the server. There are really only 2 jobs that make decent money. The erthium farmer and the cocaine jobs. We need jobs that you are fun and you actually make a profit on doing them. Such as jobs like these  Another suggestion are jobs like cooking where theyed work like the cocaine job. Or if you don’t want any to add a my any more jobs just increase the payout of the jobs I often see people playing as the erithum farmer and I usealy play as a cocaine maker for the quick 60k that it makes and it’s geting a bit repetitive. I have seen this happen to many servers and they have all died out because they became stale and no one wanted to do the Same thing every day. I just don’t want that same fate for or this server as it is one of the few that I  enjoy. Noah bodzioch

I definitely agree. Whenever I was a non vip it was kinda hard to make my money with only 1 job that i did all time. It would be cool if there were more interactive jobs +1.

im fine with the miner and treecutter jobs as long as one gets a minecraft model

I agree

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