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complaint about [EG] Richard Hammond


when i called Richard Hammond at the admin chat he came and i talk with him about the warn that i got about changing my job in the middle of a raid
i told him that i change it before the raid he sayd to me theres a logs and i didnt belive that he even Checked the log because he gave me the answer really quick and told me that i was lying to staff and got for that another warn for no reason.

I checked the logs. You changed jobs less than a minute after the raid began. You were warned for lying because you vehemently denied changing jobs, even after I told you what was in the logs.

Unfortunately, You are not in possession of evidence thus we must declare your formal complaint "Denied" Please contact a member of authority if you need assistance.


Due to lack of evidence, we have decided to deny this Staff Complaint. Please contact the HA's if you have any questions about the matter, or reply to this thread.

Thank you.

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