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Alchemy 101 with snow

Welcome if you came here to learn how to make potions one you must be desperate as hell and two you came to the right place
All of this research was done in a matter of seconds but i brought it here to you for the sake of convenience:

A quick Queue and Ayy

Q:What is a alchemist
A: makes potions...

Q: Whats The point
A: Make Potions that have great benefits or deadly effects

Q: Is it Rdm if they die by my potion
A: As of 2/13/18 i dunno imma say no because they voluntarily drank it but till official rules are made i will say Nein

Q:Can i self supply Potions
A: imma Say no but again its not official so get your kicks in while you still can

Effects of ingredients: (copy and pasted from a forum post)
Brial: Give Health
Salmon: See through enemies through walls, but you will take damage(will lag on our sever if pc is bad)
Eichen: Sprint fast like sonic
Ozium: Take damage
Tomious: Take no fall damage, useful with Jumpa
Sirom: Make no sound when walking, useful when raiding
Jumpa: Jump higher, you will take fall damage
Aoratos: Turn Invisible
Venenum: Name says it all, posion.
Vanillio: Vaccine, cures all potion effects
Aumuros: Take damage but get armor/suit
Gravitos: Decrease Gravity, jumps will be lighter
Beneficium: Regen health
Boomium: You burn, after a while you explode

Snows Potions: (might or might not work i came up with these on the spot XD)

Advil(2 brial,2 Beneficium,2 vanillio) Cures what ales you 
Jihadist blood(3,boomium,3 Eichen)Makes u run fast and blow up near some one...
Raiders Brew(2,salmon,2 Sirom,2 Aoratos) Pickpocket/Sneak/Lock picking 100
Budget Regen(3,Aurmuros,3 Beneficium) Gives you armor and health its a poor mans health/armor regen
Bleach(all ozium)What do you think it does
Adams Tears(all venenum)Its like bleach but you'll die slower
Minority Juice(2 Gravitos,2Jumpa,2Eichen) now you can jump over boarders and run away from cops
The Return of Rbc08 is inevitable 

Its Genius Big Grin

Minority Juice? I'm dying

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