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Konstantin's Staff Application

Is this your second application? If so, who referred you to reapply? SnipingPanda

What is your in-game name? Konstantin 

What is your SteamID? [b]STEAM_0:0:111904495[/b]

How long have you been VIP? 2 years 

About how long have you been with Eclipse as a community member? i have been playing for almost 7 years. since 2012. 

What timezone are you in? Central Time Zone 

How often do you play? What time(s) do you normally play? On the week days i play from 4 pm to 9 pm and sometimes from 4 pm to 9 pm the next day. on the weekends I'm on almost all day. 

How old are you? 15 

Have you ever received any form of punishment? (This includes jails, bans, warns, kicks, etc.) I am ashamed to say i have 43 warns. all of which are from a year or more ago. most are from 2016. no jails or kicks. 

Do you have Teamspeak/Discord and a working microphone? If so, are you active on EG's teamspeak/Discord? I have TeamSpeak. i go on EG TeamSpeak occasionally. 

Are you familiarized with the MOTD and general rules of EG's servers? If so, about how strong is your understanding of these rules? I am familiar with the MOTD. My understanding of the MOTD is strong. 

Are you good with people? How are your conversational skills? Yes. My conversational skills are to par. 

Some common admin-related or general acronyms are RDM, RDA, NLR, LTAP, OOC, DDoS. Define what these acronyms stand for and what they mean. 
RDM: Random Death Match/ randomly killing someone.

RDA: Random Arrest/ randomly arresting someone. NLR: New Life Rule/ coming back to the same area you died or were killed within five minutes or trying to kill someone after you already died.

LTAP: Leaving To Avoid Punishment/ running away from a sit or when your jailed or in a sit you exit the server.

OOC: Out Of Character/ speaking out of character in chat.

DDoS:Distributed denial of service (A person sends packets to a router/server to overload it, then the server crashes to save itself)

What makes you play on EG over any other server? I love everything about the server, the cars, guns, classes and the community is much stronger than the rest of the servers. I have tried other servers but i always end up back here. 

What is your motivation to become an EG staff member? Why do you want to be an EG staff member? I want to help out the community. when staff isn't on i want to be able to take care of people who do not comply with rules.  

What do you hope to accomplish in the long run as an EG staff member? to be a remembered and favored staff member, also to clean up the community of people who break rules constantly, doing so will hopefully bring in more people to the server. 

What makes you unique or better than any other applicant? What do you have to offer the EG community? Why do you think you deserve to be an EG staff member? I am always fair. I have much more time than the majority of the staff team at the moment on the server. Experience with ULX and with people. because i have been on the server for so long. 

What do you think it means to be an EG staff member? That there is responsibility and respect that rides on your shoulders. Also to represent the Eclipse community. 

How do you think you can benefit the community? By taking sits, problems and misunderstandings head on. 

Do you have any prior experience being an admin or staff member? I have experience with staff on Sandbox, Dark RP and Military RP. I have been Moderator/Admin/Superadmin and Co-Owner. 

Additional Information (Optional): Thank You For Viewing My Staff Application, Have An Amazing Day and  A Great Rest Of Your Weekend!

+1 Big Grin good guy
how u make a signature is beyond me  Big Grin

+1 we need more active staff

+1 extremely active, great guy, never had a problem with him


More replies please.

Good staff +1

Welcome to the staff team, Konstantin.

What's Next?
First, you must acknowledge that your status as a staff member is not set in stone.
It may be revoked at any time that it is deemed necessary by a supervisory staff member.

Certain things will be expected of you.
You will be required to exemplify the characteristics that this community supports. The role of a staff member is to represent order through chaos and dilemma. Therefore, one should demonstrate maturity, kindness, and understanding.

We do not expect you to be perfect.
Simply do your best. We know that not everyone is the same, and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. If you make a mistake, it is best to report it and have it resolved quickly than let it cause more trouble then it should.

Be consistently active.
It is required that you moderate the server frequently. As staff members, we all share the burden of ensuring the well-being and happiness of our player base. Long absences must be reported to a Head Admin, and a good reason must be present. If you are suddenly uninterested in your staff position, please let us know. Do not abandon the community and hope for the best.

You will be given your rank soon.
A high-level administrator may present you with your staff rank the next time you and one of the aforementioned members are available. A short training period will ensue, so please be sure you have an adequate amount of time to receive this.

Best Of Luck,
Eclipse Staff Team

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