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  Gang Drugs
Posted by: Shawnny - 2 hours ago - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

If you remember the Drug Dealer from while back it was a very fun job but was hardly used, right now all the gangs have different is guns and cars I think we should give each gang it's own drug that they can sell like LSD, Cannabis you know what I mean. I am just bad at putting this idea into words.


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Posted by: Thetruerealx - 11 hours ago - Forum: Player Complaints - Replies (1)

He has been RDMing when ever an admin is not on, He attacks random people as Police Chief

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  CC Guard Job
Posted by: TheWiseDragon - 02-15-2018, 02:32 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (3)

Hi I was wondering if we could add guard to the list of extra jobs that are allowed to be on a CC so people and be security with there CC please let me know what the likely hood of this happening is

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  Alchemy 101 with snow
Posted by: SnowMexico - 02-14-2018, 03:18 AM - Forum: Tips & Guides - Replies (2)

Welcome if you came here to learn how to make potions one you must be desperate as hell and two you came to the right place
All of this research was done in a matter of seconds but i brought it here to you for the sake of convenience:

A quick Queue and Ayy

Q:What is a alchemist
A: makes potions...

Q: Whats The point
A: Make Potions that have great benefits or deadly effects

Q: Is it Rdm if they die by my potion
A: As of 2/13/18 i dunno imma say no because they voluntarily drank it but till official rules are made i will say Nein

Q:Can i self supply Potions
A: imma Say no but again its not official so get your kicks in while you still can

Effects of ingredients: (copy and pasted from a forum post)
Brial: Give Health
Salmon: See through enemies through walls, but you will take damage(will lag on our sever if pc is bad)
Eichen: Sprint fast like sonic
Ozium: Take damage
Tomious: Take no fall damage, useful with Jumpa
Sirom: Make no sound when walking, useful when raiding
Jumpa: Jump higher, you will take fall damage
Aoratos: Turn Invisible
Venenum: Name says it all, posion.
Vanillio: Vaccine, cures all potion effects
Aumuros: Take damage but get armor/suit
Gravitos: Decrease Gravity, jumps will be lighter
Beneficium: Regen health
Boomium: You burn, after a while you explode

Snows Potions: (might or might not work i came up with these on the spot XD)

Advil(2 brial,2 Beneficium,2 vanillio) Cures what ales you 
Jihadist blood(3,boomium,3 Eichen)Makes u run fast and blow up near some one...
Raiders Brew(2,salmon,2 Sirom,2 Aoratos) Pickpocket/Sneak/Lock picking 100
Budget Regen(3,Aurmuros,3 Beneficium) Gives you armor and health its a poor mans health/armor regen
Bleach(all ozium)What do you think it does
Adams Tears(all venenum)Its like bleach but you'll die slower
Minority Juice(2 Gravitos,2Jumpa,2Eichen) now you can jump over boarders and run away from cops

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  New Government Job
Posted by: SnowMexico - 02-14-2018, 02:45 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (3)

Not sure about you but i dislike having to devolve to a highway officer just to make a checkpoint so here is my proposal 

National Guard Soldier:

Uses these models are even screen shots of it on evo city and it looks pretty cool)

They would Drive these around it though since its not from the same car mod we use)

Spawns with 100 health and armor
Scar H(preferably) if not then the M4 
Spike Strip 
Cuffs/unarrest/speed checker

i would say max soldiers would be 4

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  Ban appeal
Posted by: Wolf - 02-14-2018, 02:12 AM - Forum: Accepted - Replies (1)

In-game name: Wolf  I forgot my rp name

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:208573885

When you was banned: It was a long time ago prob 2 are 3 months

Who banned you: I dont know when I look at the ban I dosent say who.

Length of ban: Perm

Reason for ban: mass rdm minge 

Why do you should be unbanned: well it wasnt my plan to mass rdm but there were random people spawning c4s everywhere and so many people were rdming so I was like ok is it a purge are some shit so I grab the c4 and kill like 7 to 8 people and the staff jails me and perm bannes me I understand that I did wrong but I was new at the time and I had no idea wtf was going on so I would like to try out the server again cause its been awhile since ive been on a descent server so I would love it if you can give me another chance thank you : ) 

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Posted by: Elite_Noob - 02-06-2018, 12:20 AM - Forum: Player Complaints - No Replies

Player Name: Fyshie
SteamID: Unknown
What happened: It all started when i was swat medic and walked by ampm and saw a neat shop setup that was able to hold 7 shelfs i walked in to ask if i could buy the dupe and when i saw Fyshie (the one who made said dupe) i walked up to ask if i could buy it off him and he told me to leave when i tried to respond to say i just wanted to buy the dupe he shot me a few times did not kill me so i just left and brushed it off as because i was swat i may have freaked him out about 5 to 10 min later i was hobo leader building a boxing ring when Evildocter walked up to me and started trying to get my attention in text chat asking about if i had a gun Fyshie walked up and killed him and shot me to 30 hp when he was taken to a sit for rdm he claimed that Evil called him the n word in voice chat thats why he killed him when i tried to protest and say he did not and does not even have a mic he said that witenesses can be persuaded or somthing along those lines so what i say means nothing he ended up getting off with a verbal and when i talked to shotgun about it (the one who hosted the sit) he said that he could not do anything because i had no proof

Evidence: Because of what shotgun said i took a few clips of Fyshie i hope this is enough for somthing to get done about this thank you for reading and have a wonderful day

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Posted by: Banks - 02-04-2018, 07:58 PM - Forum: Bugs & Support - Replies (1)

Dj job not playing from youtube or soundcloud.

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  Lord Of War Bug
Posted by: Elite_Noob - 02-01-2018, 10:26 PM - Forum: Bugs & Support - Replies (1)

As the job "Lord Of War" you are unable to buy breaching charges in shipments menu when you try is does nothing and says "you do not have the right job to /buyshipment"

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  New Job
Posted by: Elite_Noob - 01-31-2018, 05:48 AM - Forum: Accepted - Replies (6)

I was thinking it would be neat if a new job where to be added. It would be called the Alchemist and be able to make and sell various potions with diffrent effects to other players,using this addon []. Because potions can be stored in pockets i would encourage the Alchemist not having any to help prevent abuse. as well as having to purchase the alchemy table and empty potion bottles in the f4 menu. thank you for taking the time to read the suggestion i hope you consider adding this new job and if you have any further questions you can contact me at []. goodbye and have a wonderful rest of your day or night

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